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gepro translation is not just involved in translation work in the stated subject areas like technology, chemistry, and software. Medical technology, contracts, websites and certified translations are also a part of our repertoire.
Our customers include reputable companies from the following industrial sectors:
  • food technology
  • automobile industry
  • agricultural technology
  • tobacco industry
  • medical technology
Translation work is very often a strictly confidential affair, so that we refrain from issuing a list of the names of the companies we deal with. However, we would be gladly willing to provide relevant information in response to an individual enquiry.


Are you doing your documentation creation with different programs like e.g. Indesign, Framemaker, Quark or Pagemaker or are you using an Apple computer?

Gepro doesnt only use all of these programs but is also able to provide you with a translated document which totally corresponds to the original.

Whether PC or Apple we work with both of these operating systems every day.