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Just like a cog wheel in a machine - one cant work without the other-, the same applies to translation with the interaction of customer, translation office and native speaker translator.

Gepro works only with native speakers and has developed a global network of translators. Since approximately 12 years our constantly growing success has been based on the work with a permanent stem of translators. Moreover, we use so-called "translation tools", e.g Trados, Across and Transit. Thus a database of translation units can be built up which guarantees that a constant quality in our translation work is maintained. This ensures consistency in the use of the terminology that we employ.

Whats more: we always stick to work delivery times that have been agreed with the customer.

If your curiosity has been aroused, then why not try us out we will even do a trial translation for you.

Gepro across the border makes your translation crossing all borders.